Of Bath Oils and Night Creams

Such a chilled-out week and now that I am between jobs, I cant wait for the in-between break time. I have already set up a fitness and diet regime to get my glow back, maybe live off some of that tan and get a nice glow just in time for the new employer. whoot!

I am thinking of sporting a nice purple shade for the New Year since the Christmas red is already chipping off those nails.

Now that winter is here, I just started the oil-before-bath regime. Not only is it fun but my skin is like butter with no excess oil residue after the shower. Perfect. This is the one I use, Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Light Massage Oil by Iraya…doesnt it look and sound fab? It really is!

While I use this, I can almost see a seasonal hoarding habit coming on for bath oils (mmmmmmmm….can almost smell the gorgeous aromas)

Here is one that I can just not get my mind off. Chanel No.5 Intense Bath Oil




Is there a particular skin cream that you love through the winters?

Because i have normal skin, Nivea Soft works perfectly for winter nights and boy, have i tried my share of  night creams.  Do not get scared if you ever feel that the cream you loved through the summer is not suiting you in the monsoon or the winter…its OK. Like us, our skin is changing almost every day and we should use skincare according to our skin and not the other way round. Go explore, find the one that suits you this season.






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