Notes and Nail Paints

The Internet is filling up with our online footprints, there are so many discarded blogs of mine built one day to vent out frustration and left another day when life got too busy. This is the first time I have started a blog with an idea that goes beyond a personal diary. Now the Panic of writing for nobody makes me read my blog stats more than my posts. This blog is currently a message in a bottle..afloat in a vast ocean…will anyone ever find it?


The job in the fashion magazine is nearing an end. Tomorrow is my last day and while I am happy and joyful with the excitement of the new year…it is obviously scary to go into the New Year unemployed. I am guessing this means I need to change my nail paint. Trick: The lower the mood, the brighter the colour…it will be enough to pep you up!

Since i am in a mixed mood condition…i think i will go with the second from left.


That’s 533 April, Chanel. Its super glossy and makes the colour pop.


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