Color Stories

Oh if you are a girl and you dont like color…well u might as well then not be a girl and be something boring like a black and white TV.

But now if you do love color, then you and I and the rest of us are all on the same boat. If a hint of colour on your cheeks helps perk you up on a gloomy Winter’s day…then yes…you’ll be delighted to read on what I have in store for you.

The Expressionists collection’s by Revlon is all about brilliantly rich hues for lip, eye and nail, balanced with subtle shimmer that can be personalized for any woman. Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman has produced a bold and innovative collection that brings new dimension to how beauty is expressed in the contemporary world.

“I was inspired by the period of Abstract Expressionism where the artists evolved from black and white pieces and began experimenting with and implementing color into their art,” says Gucci Westman of the Expressionists collection’s origins. “I loved their use of colors, textures and composition and the freeness it implied. I integrated this into my collection by mixing textures for lips, eyes and nails and playing with shades – ranging from neutral beiges to bold violets, blues and Bordeaux. I wanted this collection to reflect a piece of art.” 

I could kill for this palette!


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