Magic happens

There is our skin, then a magical skin…and then finally make-up. The magical skin layer inbetween is all about the glow and that which set the make-up on the right track.

It is so important and most of the time, I go ahead with only an under make-up base with a few dashes of concealer here and there.

This magic potion is to be used before applying your preferred foundation. Leave Inglot’s Under Make Up base on the skin for at least 3 min to let your skin absorb it before any other application. This product will matte-fy and prevent oiliness on the surface of the skin.This silicone based product works fantastic on mature skin and will smooth out fine lines and imperfections!



Step 1 – Choose a foundation that blends well with your skin. Match your skin color using test samples by dabbing a little on the back of your hand and rubbing it in.




Step 2 – Always apply base makeup after you have cleansed your skin, used a toner and moisturized for maximum effect.




Step 3 – Using a makeup sponge, makeup brush or your fingers, spread foundation in an upward motion covering the jaw line and cheeks. Applying foundation with upward sweeps is a great anti-aging technique.




Step 4 – Continue to apply base make up down the nose and over the eyelids. Foundation on the eyelids helps eye shadow last longer.




Step 5 – From the center of the forehead, spread foundation outward in each direction all the way to the hairline. Using your fingers, be sure to blend the base thoroughly and directly into the hairline to avoid a mask look.




Step 6 – Once you have completely applied the foundation, using a makeup brush and loose powder, gently dust your face to set the foundation. A few light dustings throughout the day will keep your makeup looking fresh.




Price: Rs. 900










G7 Mall


Infinity Mall


Kurla City Mall




DLF Promenade Store


Pacific Mall


Select Citywalk Mall




Express Avenue Mall Chennai




Forum Courtyard


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