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Finding trends is as difficult as finding a boyfriend these day…there are too many options, very few ones that actually suit you perfectly and before you have put them on…they are out of vogue.

So if you are going to tell you that you are a trendista…I will tell you, “talk to the hand”…I can like something from the 60s and if I like it…I will wear it and you will think I am cool.

So where do you find your trends anyway? How do you know what is cool and what is not?

All of last year I was so stuck on winged black liner and red lips so much that I cannot get myself to even go close to it this year…

so the question still comes back to…from a mountain of trends…how do you choose yours?

Of course …first you go to the mountain…where all the trends are…

it could be your fav Soap Opera, or your fav Glossy…or your awesomely amazing fav Fashion BLogger (always something I love)

But let me introduce you to the new and latest addition: PINTEREST.

Pick your pins, browse through thousands of  fashion pics…and stay updated. Like a shoe? Pin it!!


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