Tech is the New Pearls

I love gadgets and any urban woman for her own right also does I am guessing. I spent 7 hours one day learning how to jailbreak from Youtube, most of my coffee conversations are over the latest gadgets……its sure turning out to be the new ‘it’ thing. A bling phone is no more a fashion accessory, say it with me “we care if the specs, design, interface is fashionable enough or not.”

I am pining for the New iPad and I am guessing so should you be if you havent already got one. Sorry apple, but as soon as I get one, I am jailbreaking it amd making it on pretty with Graviboard, Infidock, and super pink themes! If you are not into it, and you wanna learn it the girly way, tell me and I will do a tutorial of the same.

How about the Samsung S III? Anyone’s used it yet and thinks its fab? The design is top notch feminine though white phones become a pain to maintain, the specs dont look so bad either.

I just got myself a Nokia Lumia 800 and I am so rocking a neon pink interface on it. Obviously, it is a very feminine way, starting from its touch sensitivity to its user interface. Biggish, true but i am from the BIG IS BEAUTIFUL school of thought.

Will do a board on it soon!




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