Ode to the Shower Gel

Ever since I watched American Psycho, I have been rather obsessed with gel skincare products. There is something squishy and fun about gels and therefore my obsession with it.

I mean, whoever decides skincare based on skin preferences? Har, har.

Anyway, from gels to shower gels. If you remember clearly The Body Shop shaped our affair with Shower Gels forever. I do not know anyone who uses only ONE bottle of shower gel at a time, after all…it is like perfume…one for every mood. Some days fruity, some days minty!

While my favs have always been The Body Shop’s age old line and Then Palmolive’s really pretty bottles that fitted right into our measly college budgets.

Now obviously after joining the work force and fattening the budget scales, now spoilt for choice, everything goes.

While i adore Loccitane, I have to admit a fast growing favourite is Nivea (http://www.nivea.in/).

No matter what the skin type, you cant go wrong with Nivea. It is gentle and always dermat tested.. After all, somewhere I think because of our traditional use of Nivea, we will always be used to it. I love a brand that evolves and therefore, I need to gallantly potray these new shower gels that they have launched. Try them and tell me all about it. I already have a friend fighting over the orange blossom bottle.

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