Spritz it on!

Avène Thermal Spring Water…

What is it?

Avène Thermal Spring Water from the South of France has a unique and perfectly stable composition and is bacteriologically pure, with a low mineral content; this makes it unique among others and explains its beneficial effect on skin. It is soothing, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties making it an essential part of any skincare regime. These properties are supported by many scientific studies and the source is officially recognized since 1874 by French Academy of Medicine.

Why am I writing about it?

Because I have actually tried and tested it. I have normal combination skin and I honestly never realised the great properties of Avene. Last year, it was lying dejected on my dresser, till a friend picked it up for his troublesome skin. He is very prone to allergies, not really acne, just allergies. And he is very picky with his beauty brands. He LOVED Avene because of its light texture. This year round, (because our skin properties are constantly changing), the thermal spring water is doing wonders for my skin in the AC.

Tried and Tested. Love it.


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