The Sunscreen Challenge

Once in a while, a beauty blogger’s face gets a rushed glow at the arrival of goodies in her mailbox. It makes me feel like its my birthday!

And as Alice would say, on a normal unbirthday day, I received a bottle of Nivea’s new sunscreen for review.

While it looks thick and feels thick and you know thats fine because sunscreens are like that, I feel it is a tad too thick for someone of my skin type.

I am not acne prone but I have what skincare companies would call a combination skin…

So therefore, I hate sunscreens. The best ones are always thick and they make me sweat and melt under the sun.

While I would any day stick to an emulsion instead, because of my skin type….if you are normal to dry skin, you must pick a bottle of Nivea’s Sunscreen and give it a go.

Lets be smart ladies, we  want a no-fuss, no-danger  and most importantly AFFORDABLE skincare.

All that swishy talk in swishy bottles doesn’t suit thinning pockets in a weak economy. While I love luxury to bits and believe in dollops of indulgence, my bathroom cabinet is always a mix.

The reason I sound like the ambassador of Nivea is because its a household brand. Every time I see the logo, a childhood memory pops up…one of sunny afternoons, Johnson’s baby powder and blue tins of Nivea. Today all Nivea creams are  slightly heavy for my skin type and I still swear by their lip balms.

So try it and please let me know what you think of it.

I have applied it over 2 weeks to finally write a review. My opnion is obviously based on the torrid weather of Mumbai.


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