Never seen a girl like her

Hey there. Guess which bottle graced my table and which notes graced my wrist today?


Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua.


Never really seen an Aqua perfume like this. So if Aqua met Floral, it would be in heaven right?

Because we all like both sides of the coin…we want a bit of blue and a bit of pink too…

ETERNITY AQUA is inspired by the essence of femininity in all its ease. sexy and refreshing, the
fragrance is like a clean, crisp ocean breeze.
ETERNITY AQUA bursts open with juicy apple, apricot pulp and rejuvenating cucumber water. The heart keeps the tradition of ETERNITY with a contemporary white floral bouquet, and dries down to a warm sensuality with sundrenched woods and transparent musk.

top: white peony, pink lady apple, cucumber water, apricot pulp
mid: tiare, magnolia, gardenia, jasmine
dry: sundrenched woods, cedarwood, transparent musk


Let the flowers float on water


If you do not pick it up asap, you will never know what you missed…because after all those years of beauty journalism, it is nice to smell something refreshing finally




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