Lip Gloss is not for Everyone

Wearing Lip Gloss is a lot of peer pressure. It is shiny and glittery and synonymous to girly hood. Celebs always answer the “what do you carry in your handbag?” question with lip gloss and it is just uber cool to use them. Or so I felt.

And then as I grew up, I realised I would rather say good bye to gloss forever, than look ridiculous. I have think lips and lip gloss make them look ant-bitten. Not a great look AT ALL.

Matte lipsticks and coloured lip balms suit me, but gloss darling, I go easy on it! Lipsticks are such a grown up thing and not ‘young enough’ but then …who cares?

Understand your lips…feel them…check their shape. Cover them with the colour and texture that best highlight them…even if it means that you can only use three shades for the rest of your life…do so…



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