On Asos.com

In a country blessed with one of the best export surplus markets, it isnt that difficult to find clothes for our tropical weather. Of course fashion knows no boundaries, and therefore my love for http://www.asos.com

Loved it, watched it for years and then finally invested money to buy a pairs of shoes from their outlet store.

The shoes arrived in time and in perfect condition. I was ecstatic.

It was going to be a ride on a rainbow from there. The monsoons were over so there was no issue of rain or hail. Image


Then two days happened and in a week of me wearing the shoes, the jute lining started coming off!!


THAT’S ASOS. and That’s my last purchase ever from the site.


To add to that, while I was chasing after SUPRA footwear which on the website sells for 75$ on http://www.asos.com sells for 130$. I would rather you charged me for shipping than give me inflated prices.




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