2013 Bring it On!

Dear Reader,

If there is at least one of you left. I wish to explain to you that I haven’t gone away. I am around, zipping through the internet 24/7 but never stopping by.

Why would I do that? Isnt it sad?

Because 2012 was ending and we have to say, it was the best year a lot of us after the shit 2011 threw at us.

So here is what I imagine…2011 was about growing up, 2012 was about dreams and 2013 is about the dreams coming true.

I have been looking for love for the greatest number of years and despite all the shitty men I have met and gone disappointed with, I still know that love is around the corner, its magical and full of cuddles.


I think the time for resolutions have started and while like everyone else, without affording it, I still bought Coco Chanel Mademoiselle

I paid Rs.7500/- for 100 ML

Why? asks the stingy Indian in you? Because I have waited 26 years to discover a signature scent and I think this is it.


My New Year Resolutions span over two things:


if you think about it, grooming is everything from moisturising right to losing weight

and organisation is everything from eating on time to doing hard work…

Every thing else will figure itself out…


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