Of Spring Bouquets

So I  know i keep taking breaks. But I am here and its spring. and its time to discuss some beauty!



Nivea’s very cool Total Face Clean-up  for three months now and I LIKE IT.

What: Nivea Total Face Clean Up

Why: It doesnt dry up your skin

When: I almost use it every alternate day

The problem with me is that I cannot sit with packs on my face. I don’t have the time. Look at me, i have no time to blog even! Forget 10 mins of face-packing. Therefore, I need quick fix solutions that don’t come with a heavy price. You’ll always hear me speak of quick fixes. Even my haircut is always one that doesn’t need maintenance. Anyway this is not a haircut, this is about Nivea. As usual, trust it.


Nivea’s super cool Lemon Grass Fresh shower gel. So this month I decided I will not pay Rs 400/- on a shower gel. But I love shower gels so I needed a solution. It broke my heart to head to the super market looking for anything under 400 bucks and then I decided on Nivea.

What: Nivea Lemon Grass Shower Gel

Why: smells divine. it just soapy enough. doesn’t dry your skin.

When: I use it every day



Pure Color Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Cyber Ruby

Estee Lauder’s Spring Colors…of course I love EL. which girl doesn’t  You want to display it on your vanity and admire it all the time. Their eye shades have been quite awesome in texture and durability so I don’t mind recommending a color.

What: Pure Color Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Cyber Gold

Why: Texture of the color is always beautiful

When: Depends on the color and your mood!


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