Oil your Senses

My obsession with aroma began at an early age and found expression in a huge desire to collect perfumes. I think the only thing I would buy with my first salary would be perfumes. Life had its own way of figuring things out for me and next thing i knew, I was a beauty editor and I had more perfumes on my dresser than I could handle. So now, my perfume consumption has now boiled to signature scent: Chanel Mademoiselle, Dove Deodorant and a body spritz here and there.

Subconsciously the aroma-obsession found other paths and have now veered into Room fragrances. I have two diffusers, a growing collection of essential oils and some candles that got over too soon. One handy air freshener can helps too.

Why essential oils you ask? The aromas spread fastest and is stronger than candles.

Why room/bathroom aroma? Its the perfect way to take out stress. I have been getting sleepless nights, but since the day i started using my diffusers and showering in candle light, there is a different sense of calm about me.

How to choose your oil? Its really depends on your personality. But it works on nothing other than your own instincts. Smell each bottle, the one you love, pick it up. It will create the right mood for you


forest essentials lemongrass essential oil-1 nyassa



One thought on “Oil your Senses

  1. I LOVE perfumes too, and I can totally relate to what you’re talking about. For me, my big splurges are mostly always my favourite scents (when a big fat pay-cheque gets deposited in my account, you know where my spending is bound to happen!). Over the past four years, I’ve been religiously buying Elle by YSL (that’s my signature for sure). But alternatively with all the new fragrances that keep entering the market, I’ve found favourites in Pleats Please by Issey Miyake and Candy by PRADA as well. Burberry Sport and YSL Cinéma are quite nice too. I have a tendency to fall for sweeter, spicy, strong and pretty intense fragrances. You must take a whiff of Eros by Versace (though it’s a men’s perfume), it’s sexy as hell. 😀 As far as room fragrances are concerned, I’ve been stocking up on a few too, vanilla oils, lemongrass and currently, frankincense. I should get hold of a cheaper bottle of lavender though, that would be lovely! { http://www.jupiterskye.com }

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