Say hi to DUBAI

So I packed my bags, bought a one way ticket and moved. Just like they tell you in movies and inspirational memes. I had to. Not much was left in Mumbai for me. However, very very thankfully I moved to an amazing style capital, DUBAI.

There were so many apprehensions of rules and laws here….two weeks and I know I have nothing but only gratitude towards the city. At some level, it’s more cosmopolitan than even Mumbai. You get on the metro and you learn a style tip a day.

It’s exciting! Sephora, forever21, I could go on about how cheap shopping is and how that makes it lovely for a girl.

So as a welcome gift I bought myself a kohl pencil from Sephora. Unlike most I have used in the past. This said and did exactly what it had to. Dark colour without smudging.

I am absolutely against kohl that smudges, because that makes me look like I have dark circles. Which is the case with Maybelline Colossal Kajal. It smudges like nobody’s business

Second. I went absolutely inside at bath and body works. They have the cute body mists for only like 30dhs which isn’t much and I was looking for something I could carry in my bag everywhere.

Fitted the bill perfectly and it’s a new flavour I haven’t found in India. If you find it, pick it up because it is the right balance of fruity and aqua which I think is important. Otherwise it becomes to heavy for the nose. I anyway like aqua more. But a mix is the best, always.







2 thoughts on “Say hi to DUBAI

  1. SOH!! I wish I could do what you just did. I’m really happy for you though. Really happy! To shopping bags and shawarmas! I hope to do something more meaningful with my life, too. Insha’Allah. 🙂

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