Of books and men

There is a sense of calm about chilling at my Aunt’s. First…is the panic of no internet…and then finally it is followed by a sense of calm. That some divine power wants me to switch off and enjoy a cup of tea. a book from her bookshelf and a whole load of greenery outside. Some call it sober…I call it dreamy.

Started reading Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil.

ImageHad to take a break and quote these lines. Dimple the hijra said this,

“For example, I know something about love and how lovers want to consume and be consumed and disappear into each other. I know how they yearn to make two equal one and I know it can never be. What else? Women are more evolved biologically and emotionally, that’s well know and its obvious. But they confuse sex with spirit; they don’t separate. Men, as you know, always separate: they separate their human and dog natures.”

I will get back to reading now.


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