To Dubai

I had a friend come into town. And almost ruin my birthday. I owe a lot to this friend really. When I first landed in Dubai, while my old life was fading away faster than I imagined and I refused to accept change, she held my hand. Which was awesome. She saw Dubai through my eyes, etc etc…till it reached a point where she was under my skin and I wasnt thinking feeling acting anything without sharing it with her. That is the problem of parasitic relationships that we mistake for close friendship. You realise only when the person standing in front of you, that this isnt working or that this never really worked…it was raining on your parade so you asked for shade. But the sun is out and now you gotta walk out. I havent called her even once since she went back, I dont think I need to. She knows. Through her eyes, I fell in love with my Dubai life, my friends, all that I was denying. I realised, i had it all and it was amazing.

Dubai has just been a lot of New Years almost every month. New resolutions, a new sense…my soul and mind has never been so much of a ping pong.

Maybe it is also the age of 28 when you think its time for you to retire but you realise finally that is it only time to spread your wings.

That I am not that fat, or not tht badly dressed…that my friends here are quite amazing and so is my life.


Cheers shall we?


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