Brow Wow No

I decided I needed to pay more attention to my eyebrows. “They define you said my friend.” So I bought an eyebrow pencil from Bourjois which has a brush on top and got down to getting tutored on Youtube. beautybuzz-oct1-2.jpg

Have any one of you seen the videos? The first one began by cutting her brows, I considered that for a bit but didn’t pull through which, I think is a good decision. I have big, full, naturally arched eyebrows. I bear excruciating pain once in six month to get them cleaned but I have never done anything more with them.

Give a woman a color pencil irrespectively, she will want to color. So I decided, I needed to ‘fill in’ my brows. BAD decision. Taking that color off may have resulted in me loosing some hairs up there.




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