Contour like you mean it!

FACT: 12 year olds know how to contour.

FACT: I turned 30 this March but today is the first day I bought a contour kit.

PROBLEM 1: I am Indian, which means my skin is brown. Plus, I am a big girl which means i have a round face. I searched through youtube for a video for round faces and this one by Cody Wren hit the spot! When I tried with my beautiful Cocoa Contour from Too Faced, I was disappointed that the colors were too light for my skin, I had to apply a lot of it to get any semblance of contouring, I feel like it is designed for caucasian skin but I can’t deny that it smells beautiful. It has a light texture and comes with a soft kabuki brush perfect for clean sweeps. Once I declare myself a contouring pro, I will try the Cocoa Contour Deep, maybe it will work better.

Who would have known there are so many steps in contouring? I don’t have concealer or setting powder! Apparently even Wiki How tells you how either all your products should be powder or cream not both. But here I am with a new cream foundation, powder blush and powder contour! Go figure!

Anyhoo, 1st try, do you think I managed anything? I think I managed to get some color, the blue dress pic is without contouring and the one on the right is with.


  1. My BB cream by Givenchy is thick and of a lighter shade, I am surprised the Sephora webstore is not showing it because I picked it up from Sephora. Anyway, it is really good. It’s thick but light enough. I used that for a concealer under the eyes.
  2. I used my Cocoa Contour from Too Faced for contouring. First I used the light cocoa on the bb cream to pretend that together they are a concealer, and then Medium Cocoa and tons of Dark Cocoa to give myself some cheekbones.
  3. Because it was a midnight experiment, I didn’t put foundation before. But I bought the Giorgio Armani Luminous Skin Foundation, will review it after I have used it for a few days. This is the one for dry skin!
  4. As blush I used Orgasm by NARS. The world has been right about this one. This is a shade for anyone and everyone. Even on my Indian skin, just a pop of it was enough!
  5. On my lips, was Melted Chocolate by Too Faced in Chocolate Milkshake. The shades seem lighter on the lips than on the swatches.

PROBLEM 2: Contouring the nose. Ugh, I have a pug nose, contouring this needs skills, but I learnt quickly that I should steer clear of it, because bad contouring left me looking like my nose is a button I breathe through.

(Note to self: This is a public blog, not your bedroom, dress better next time you wish you take a picture. )


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