Glycolic Acid and I

This is the love story. About how I met glycolic acid in the aisles of Carrefour and Sephora.

I was 30 years old when I met it.

Post Avene me, was looking for a new moisturizer and decided to tone down on my expense but I really didn’t wish to tone down on the quality. I like to change brands after going through a bottle, simply because I think it’s a good thing for your skin to refresh and also I get bored and enjoy the excitement of looking for a new brand/product.

I was looking for Olay in the supermarket because it is a brand I have used before and loved, when I found Olay’s Regenerist Renewal Night Serum. It said, it could replace my night cream and that sounded exciting from point GO!

I do not enjoy lengthy beauty regimes. I would rather spend the time I have to watch a little more Netflix. So a serum that read powerful and was about to replace my night cream sounded great. This little bottle of miracle got right to work from the first night. I went to work without any makeup and people still thought I had a sudden glow.

I also moved to Olay Day Moisturizer (Bonus it has SPF 15 and is fragrance-free!) which I layer with Neutrogena Dry Tough Ultra Sheer Sunscreen (this is the one of the few  staples  I re-buy every time, no other sunscreen would do.)

Unfortunately for the night serum, Leo (my cat) got to it, so now the cap is broken and I need to open the bottle every time, but who can blame the naughty bugger…everyone loves glycolic acid!

After the miracle turn around, I also picked up a glycolic peel by Caudalie Glycolic Peel just to add the refreshment into my mask kit.

What is Glycolic Acid?

It is the boyfriend your dry skin wants to be in a relationship with. Because this guy treats your skin right! Pampers it, exfoliates it, doesn’t let the dead skin cells near it and brings out the glow only love can.

Too much of a good thing can Never be Good:

It’s an acid and you wouldn’t want too much of it. But it is not something to worry about. The good thing about me starting my beauty adventure late means most of the products I am trying now is the 3rd , 4th Gen improved versions. You can safely pick up a glycolic acid product now and know that the amount of it on in the product is just right.

Super Sensitve and Glycolic:

I have dry, sensitive skin and acids are good for me. They are actually a good decision because they are light and I can see the difference right through the first day!



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