Product Review: Lavender Water by Kama Ayurveda

Who doesn’t love a fine water mist? up the organic question up a bit and let me introduce you to one of many good things Modern India has introduced me to. This is an uber luxury ayurveda brand named Kama Ayurveda . They deliver worldwide (not to Dubai unfortunately 😦 ) and I went absolutely crazy at the store because currency exchange rates people!!


lavendar water review

This particular water mist, is called Lavender Water Mist.  (10$ people!!)

  1. I love Lavender. Give me anything lavender except in food, I will literally marry it.
  2. I am a sucker for great packaging, I feel a product needs to look good inside out. This one fits the bill.
  3. It has handpicked pure lavender from the Himalayas in steam distilled water, which means, hello goodness of the Himalayas.
  4. This is affordable luxury at it’s best and it’s a great thing not everyone knows about it. <insert chuckle here>

When do I use it:

  1. On my face after shower. Here’s the secret, I only shower at night except on weekends when it’s during the day. Post shower, my face feels exceptionally dry; like little men are pulling my skin from all sides. Before any cream/lotion I first spritz this on. It calms my skin and makes it a good base to start with.
  2. I wet my Beauty Blender with this. That way, I am not running between the bathroom and dressing mirror and the amount of water is just right.
  3. I use it as a make up setting spray. Once everything is on and I feel the little men who pull my skin are trying to come back, I spritz some on, just to get that hydration going.
  4. Here’s the thing, moisturizers don’t add moisture, they retain the moisture your skin has. So the right time to apply any moisturizer is when your skin is slightly wet, post a wash.  This is why spritzing this on before and after my routines works in locking up moisture and keeping my skin relaxed.
  5. My cat: If you didn’t know water sprays are used as punishment on cats instead of hitting them. I just grab this bottle and shoot especially early mornings when he decides to play “lets-drop-this-and-see-what-happens” on my dresser.

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