Hey Jo! : Spring/Summer Perfumes

Signature scents are hard to come by in this world. Have you been to a perfume store lately? I have been wanting a signature scent ever since I could remember but hundreds of them are being added on almost every other month.

I inherited this obsession with perfumes from my grandmother. She had bottles and bottles of them on her dresser. Then it was mom and dad who also have a nose for scents. My mother loves woody, spicy tones but I love anything lightly floral. I don’t like the habit of keeping the perfume forever like my grandmother and mom would, but I do enjoy multiple bottles to suit my every mood. Like any other 20-something-year-old I went down the routes of Chanel and Dior, but how is your signature scent if it’s everyone else’s?

I thought Coco Maidmoiselle was mine till a roommate of mine decided to finish the whole bottle in a month (in your 20s, this is a shot through your heart) and I have never had the courage to buy another bottle even though its easier for the 30 year old me to afford it now.

Another problem in Dubai, is that you get all luxury perfumes in the flea market at Tester prices, which means everyone owns everything, 5 bottles lying around randomly which makes the task for finding something that’s you and only you even more difficult.

This winter at Bloomingdale’s I picked up a bottle of Coco by ChanelIt’s warm and lightly spicy and great for Dubai, but anywhere else I feel like it’s too heavy. Perfumes also depend a lot of the country and environment you are in; people in Dubai like heavy scents like Oud, so warm perfumes don’t feel out of place here. You are always in air-conditioning and it’s all ok.


But in India, its hot and sweaty so aqua/florals work beautifully there.

Spring is here, and I decided to have the courage to walk into Jo Malone. It’s positioned super luxury here, and it takes courage to walk in. I actually walked in and said, “I have heard about you, but never really picked up one, so tell me.”


Oh the beautiful thing about luxury is that in ten minutes, I was getting my arms washed and scented by the many scents that Jo Malone offers. By the end I was so confused, I couldn’t decide what to pick up.  The pricing is luxury which means as same as Chanel/Dior but at least you know every other person will not be wearing it.

  • They are a British Luxury Brand: so everything is subtleimage1 and sublime.
  • Their colognes are like no other. There aren’t a 100 type of variations, but just about enough to find what you love and then some.
  • They have an option of combining scents so make your own signature scent.
  • They are not available in the Tester Flea Market.
  • They are colognes (doesn’t that already sound dreamy?)
  • They do engravings on the bottle; how about that as a gift?

I decided to go for a collection because this was my first time, till I found something I loved.

Just to understand how light, wispy and beautiful this box of dreams is, let me ready out the scents:

I am gifting the last one to my friend’s mother because she loves spicy tones. The lime and basil with mandarin works beautifully when layered.







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