Lipstick Trails: Colourpop

Remember when when it used to be only one thing, lipstick. And then it became two things, lipsticks and lip-glosses. And it stopped. Then I missed the train, but now lips are an universe by themselves. Liquid lipsticks, matte liquid lipsticks and this and that and I am not complaining!

I jumped on the wagon with Colourpop not knowing much about the hype. I called for 5, because I was concerned about the formula, matte lipsticks to my lips are like men to my life, I love them but they never suit me.

I spent about 2 hours researching swatches on youtube, because I am asian with yellow undertones, and so the saga was long: Shades were shortlisted, some reached the semi finals, some didn’t make it, and 3 made it to the finals, one nude, one dark and one vibrant, three categories: with-hints-of-pinks-and-lots-of-nude SOLOW, burnt-brick-red BUMBLE, bring-me-all-the-candy MARS.

Just in case, this was a failed relationship, I picked two Ultra Satin Lips as Plan B: blue – toned-pinkish MOLLY and nude-dude ECHO PARK

Ladies and ladies It was love at first application, the formula is amazing, it is the best bang for the buck I have ever received. The Ultra Satin ones are not shiny, they are creamy and look just as matte to the amateur, but of course, a must more comfortable fit.


While the Ultra Matte Lips stay all day, surprisingly so do the Ultra Satin Lips, through storm, sunshine and rain. (by that I meant coffee, air kisses, accidental tissue rubs and coffee…did I mention coffee?)

Judging by the quality of the  the product is worth every penny.And just because of that price, it makes it affordable to collect them all! My second batch is already on its way.


If you are an Indian/brown/brownish yellow (that is me I think!) the colours I picked in my first batch were perfect. Solow will be a nudish-pink while Bumble will bring out the fire in you! Mars was a Red-Pink on me, I like vibrant shades, if it is not your scene then don’t be seen…in it. Molly is actually safely lilac on me, while Echo Park is a brownish nude.



A special ode to Bumble, on our yellow under-toned skin, Bumble is a beautiful versatile red, from burnt brick to almost sunset orange, you can fearlessly pick it up and know that it will meet your lips and become the perfect shade, brightening your face almost instantly.

P.S: you guys can tell that this is straight from the wallet stuff, and not sponsored right?

Catch you soon. Xoxo (because I love Gossip Girl!)




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