My Every-Day Flawless Skin Routine

When it comes to make-up in India, there is a wave of ignorance; it is something you do on your wedding day, and on every other day, you wear black kohl and lipstick or better yet, wear nothing because the world deserves to look at your pores and smudged black raccoon eyes!!

I am 30, and I use make-up now. It is ok to wait, to breeze through your 20s without any, but if you are going to use make-up, do it right.

Good make-up is when you look like you were born without pores, redness or imperfections. Make-up well done, is when no one can tell you are wearing any.


Here’s a practice I have followed forever, don’t use a face wash in the morning. Just wash your face with water only! I have dry skin and I don’t like starting my day with soap (soap-free cleansers included.) Your skin is at it’s freshest in the morning and you want to keep it that way.


I picked up a tub of Body Shop Aqua Boost Sorbet, which I keep in the fridge and literally apply all the time. It is so smooth and light, I apply it like I am drinking a glass of water for my skin. If I am at home, I will apply it at least four times in a day! If you keep it in the fridge, it is like a cool blast of mushy ice which is amazing for summer.

In the morning I  follow it up with some sunscreen, my favourite being Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sun block. I used to hate sunscreens ( and body lotions which I still hate!) because they were thick and wouldn’t absorb till I found this baby which was a complete game changer.


I remember arguing with my friend about unnecessary products, primer being one. This is the time when I had started using BB creams and was still too afraid of foundation. Now I know she was right when she said, BB creams are marketing gimmicks and a half.

Primers are important because they keep your make-up in place. No point apply foundation which will disappear before you reach work. You can pick a primer you like, but this Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer was something I saw on a youtube tutorial and had to have it because of the sheer beauty of the bottle. It is pricey, but there are a thousand others in the market.STEP 1 GLOW PRIMER.jpg


Yas! This is your secret ingredient, if you get your foundation right, then your skin is one beautiful, seamless, even-toned meadow of health and glow. Get your foundation WRONG, well, umm…there is always denial.

Tip: Buy it from Sephora, tell them your skin type, make them apply it to your face, see it on your face before you buy it! This is very important.

Some girls especially in this region, Arab women love wearing lighter shades, some paler women love wearing a shade darker for a tanned look, I am Indian and toasty enough, I like my foundation to exactly my skin colour! So don’t take anybody’s word for it, till you see it on your face.

I use the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in shade 5.75 and it is heaven for my skin. The coverage is light and it is perfect for dry skin. Also, yes it doesn’t melt away and stays all day which helps.



Now I haven’t found my favorite yet, but I have seen how horrible it looks without concealer even though I don’t have dark circles, but I use Bourjois CC Eye Cream Concealer which looks scary but is actually a beautiful product.

Tip: Use concealer after your foundation, I have noticed it helps me blend it faster.

step 5 concealer.jpg


Now if you have done everything to point, you shouldn’t be looking patchy or red but it wouldn’t be flawless fiona yet. This is where the translucent powder comes in. Of course I haven’t bought one yet, but I use a compact and it’s airbrush country immediately. This is the same Giorgio Armani Luminous Skin Powder Foundation in shade 4.5. This one comes with a sponge that has  a dual use, one side for touch-ups and the other for more coverage. Brush it lightly over your face and it just packs it all in! This is important to keep the make-up on, it is like the lid of the container, no point packing the container, if you don’t put the lid on.


and Flawless Fiona you are!

Tip: Do not use your fingers to apply, blend or do any work on the face. Not only, will it leave you with patchy blending, but it is harsher on your skin than a Beauty Blender and the more you avoid touching your face, the lesser break-outs, that is rule of thumb.

There are a lot of days, I go to work with only sunscreen and gloss, and this wasn’t a post to tell you not to. But, if you are going to wear make-up, trust that it all binds together in a magical way, and don’t skip a step (you can always add a few!)

Let’s talk about colors next!

xoxo, Sohini







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