Summer Skincare for Dry Skin and Super Dry Weather

When I moved to Dubai 3 years ago no one told me that my normal, supple skin will dry out like a grape left in the sun and become a raisin. It took me a while to start buying products for ‘dry and sensitive skin’ and even longer to accept this change.

This summer has particularly been super hot, super drying. Most importantly hot weather means harsh air-conditioning all day-all night and yes my skin is crying. It is breaking into patches and it is a mess. Imagine flaky skin and applying make-up over it, its disaster after disaster till I had to give up make-up.


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.35.06 AM.png


Here is a list of products of trying: for the harsh summer months. Desert Girls, this is for you.

1. THE MASK: GlamGlow Hydrating Mask

So it goes by the name of ThirstyMUD GlamGlow and we all know, how much this mask pinches the pockets. I prefer the tiny bottle which costs 100AED and lasts at least 5 applications which I think isn’t so bad for the buck.

Verdict: This will literally save your skin. If you can afford it, buy the big tub. Apply a thin layer at night before bed and by morning, you will have baby soft skin. I cannot tell you how amazing this is, you have simply got to try it.


2. THE SKIN IN-BETWEEN: Aloe Vera Gel: Any, purer the better

Essentially you cannot go wrong with nature. Take it from an Indian, this is what our culture is based on and the proof is on our skin!

Desperate to cut my skin some slack, I asked by best friend to get a bottle of pure aloe vera gel from her Sri Lankan vacation. If you have the plant, just cut up a leaf, if not…get a gel. The purer it is, the clearer, slightly yellowish in colour it will be.

Aloe Vera can solve all problems in life, you can put it on your hair, skin, on your puppy…you can eat, drink…it is simply amazing. If I don’t have a bottle of aloe vera in the house, I keep feeling something is missing in life.

aloe vera1

Verdict: It is amazing relief to your skin for the summer and it keeps your skin moisturised.

3. THEM EYES: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye +/or Kiehl’s Eye Avocado Treatment

Do you have an eye cream you love? I used the Benefit eye cream and loved it, but every since it got over, I had been on the hunt. I picked up the avocado eye treament by Kiehl’s (a brand I have loved for many years) and I requested for the sample of Midnight Recovery Eye.

To be honest, my eyes feel nourished both ways but the big difference is Midnight Recovery is a lightweight invisible concentrate but the Avocado one is a heavy cream. It doesn’t make either one bad, but it is true that if you are on a flight, I would recommend the former but if you are going to bed  and you don’t care about a heavy cream on your lids, then go ahead and apply some of the latter.

eye treatment.jpg

Verdict: Pick the consistency you prefer. Midnight Recovery has a heavy fragrance. 

4. MOISTURIZER : Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream

When all else fails, rush to the pharmacy. While my Body Shop Vitamin E is still a great friend, I knew I couldn’t just go by it alone and I needed an expert for flaky skin. Eucerin it had to be. Of course, the results were immediate, my skin is back to normal but I will admit, like everything awesome, it is a heavy, greasy product but it sure works like magic.

Like me, if you don’t like heavy products, mix this into your CC cream base/foundation. It will be not be as greasy and you will still enjoy the magic it brings to the skin.



Verdict: You know your skin best. But if your skin tends to dry up  minutes after applying your moisturiser, try a fragrance-free, problem-solving brand. 

Tip: Spray on a face mist as a final step to avoid a greasy-after feel 


What are your summer favorites? Let me know if you are looking at trying something new and I will review it for you!








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