Urban Decay Vice Review

  • Let me start this post by saying I am not jealous at all of the bloggers who received all 100 shades for review. (LYING)
  • Vice = Ruby Rose = Urban Decay = OMFG I am dying of excitement.
  • Lies I tell myself: Nobody needs 100 shades of lipstick (WHO AM I KIDDING?)

So I was in Sephora this weekend (as usual) eyeing Becca C. Pop which I still haven’t bought (I am always late at everything) and I was trying on the 6 finishes of UD Vice Lipsticks when I absolutely fell in love at first swatch!

  • Shade: Disturbed
  • Finish: Comfort Matte
  • Range: Vice
  • Company: UD
  • Asian Skin Compatibility: 100/100
  • Awesomosity: 10000/100
  • Feeds current obsession of dark shades: Yes!

This is not just my first Vice lipstick, but also my first UD lipstick.

The colour looks like vampire blood– dark, mysterious, almost brown, almost burnt plum…warm red undertones…and pure sex. (If you see the swatches, it’s brown on my friend while on me it’s more plum.)

The finish is the baby that would be born out of a creamy and matte lipstick union: stays on through hours of eating, drinking and lip smacking. Gets streaky but doesn’t disappear or leave your lips dry: YAS!! They do not dry the lips!

Let the pictures do the talking. I am in love. This will be my color till I find a new signature lipstick.

Bonus:  Urban Decay has a free app on the store called Vice which is basically a tinder for all the 100 shades! swipe left, swipe right (don’t pretend you don’t know how to work it girl) but minus creepy boys!



Brb while I obsess.





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