My 30 year old skin

Here’s the low down. I have great skin. It glows naturally and I breezed through my 20s without much help from the  beauty industry. How breezy? Confession: I have never gotten a facial.

This year, I started regular manicure and pedicures. I am yet to get my first facial.

Over the last year, I saw my skin change.

From normal to combination with a slightly oily T-zone, I am now dry and sensitive.

This is BIG, because suddenly I was thrown into panic mode, where I didn’t really know what went wrong, or what happened. Everything was changing at rapid speed this year, and like everyone may I say, 2015 has been a rollercoaster, and even if my lips were sealed, my skin spoke loud and clear.

“Why do you look so tired?” Everyone asked and I had no answers.

Here is my new and improved routine. If you are 29, I would suggest you understand that a new era of your life is unfolding, and your beauty drawer will never really be the same.

Here’s the skincare breakdown:

Try for a mix of drugstore/Sephora products but choose as much as you can, products without parabens and chemicals. Your skin is now 30 years old and it needs a little bit of pampering.


Currently this has been my beauty over haul and I am pretty happy with the way my skin has been feeling. This post will be about my night time ritual. But it’s pretty much the same in the morning  + sunscreen.

  1. Exfoliation: Choose something with small granules, not too rough. I love the Caudalie Deep Exfoliation. It does the job, without making you feel like you just ran sandpaper through your face. Get it at Sephora.
  2. Mask: Again, Sephora comes to the rescue with Philip Thomas Roth, I picked up the Cucumber Gel Mask and it is like magic.
  3. You can use pretty much any facewash, though currently I am using Nivea and I don’t really like it.
  4. Toner is crucial. It is. Don’t ignore it. I use Nivea but when I find something I love, I will let you know
  5. Serum: This goes on first, always. Find a great one, invest in it, I love Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery but I finished it, so now I am back to my old favorite, Soundarya Serum by Forest Essentials. I won’t lie, good serums are expensive, but so is your skin.
  6. Moisturization: Avene: One great word, fabulous products. I am currently using their Rich Hydrating Cream. But I also bought their hydration mask and got a repair cream free
  7. Eye Cream: A good eye cream, means lesser wrinkles and no puffiness. I got the Benefit eye cream as a Christmas gift, and who doesn’t love Benefit?
  8. Vaseline petroleum jelly on the lips!
  9. This is a sunscreen I will re-buy all my life. When it comes to sunscreens, Neutrogena knows it. Their Dry Touch Ultra Sheer SPF 55 disappears into the skin in seconds unlike other sunscreen that remain like sticky thick layers.

If you are still with me, you will notice that despite having dry and sensitive skin, all my products are water based, not oil. All are enriched with thermal water or aloe, or something hydrating. This is important, dry doesn’t necessarily mean oily creams and vice versa.

To Dubai

I had a friend come into town. And almost ruin my birthday. I owe a lot to this friend really. When I first landed in Dubai, while my old life was fading away faster than I imagined and I refused to accept change, she held my hand. Which was awesome. She saw Dubai through my eyes, etc etc…till it reached a point where she was under my skin and I wasnt thinking feeling acting anything without sharing it with her. That is the problem of parasitic relationships that we mistake for close friendship. You realise only when the person standing in front of you, that this isnt working or that this never really worked…it was raining on your parade so you asked for shade. But the sun is out and now you gotta walk out. I havent called her even once since she went back, I dont think I need to. She knows. Through her eyes, I fell in love with my Dubai life, my friends, all that I was denying. I realised, i had it all and it was amazing.

Dubai has just been a lot of New Years almost every month. New resolutions, a new sense…my soul and mind has never been so much of a ping pong.

Maybe it is also the age of 28 when you think its time for you to retire but you realise finally that is it only time to spread your wings.

That I am not that fat, or not tht badly dressed…that my friends here are quite amazing and so is my life.


Cheers shall we?

Of books and men

There is a sense of calm about chilling at my Aunt’s. First…is the panic of no internet…and then finally it is followed by a sense of calm. That some divine power wants me to switch off and enjoy a cup of tea. a book from her bookshelf and a whole load of greenery outside. Some call it sober…I call it dreamy.

Started reading Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil.

ImageHad to take a break and quote these lines. Dimple the hijra said this,

“For example, I know something about love and how lovers want to consume and be consumed and disappear into each other. I know how they yearn to make two equal one and I know it can never be. What else? Women are more evolved biologically and emotionally, that’s well know and its obvious. But they confuse sex with spirit; they don’t separate. Men, as you know, always separate: they separate their human and dog natures.”

I will get back to reading now.

Oil your Senses

My obsession with aroma began at an early age and found expression in a huge desire to collect perfumes. I think the only thing I would buy with my first salary would be perfumes. Life had its own way of figuring things out for me and next thing i knew, I was a beauty editor and I had more perfumes on my dresser than I could handle. So now, my perfume consumption has now boiled to signature scent: Chanel Mademoiselle, Dove Deodorant and a body spritz here and there.

Subconsciously the aroma-obsession found other paths and have now veered into Room fragrances. I have two diffusers, a growing collection of essential oils and some candles that got over too soon. One handy air freshener can helps too.

Why essential oils you ask? The aromas spread fastest and is stronger than candles.

Why room/bathroom aroma? Its the perfect way to take out stress. I have been getting sleepless nights, but since the day i started using my diffusers and showering in candle light, there is a different sense of calm about me.

How to choose your oil? Its really depends on your personality. But it works on nothing other than your own instincts. Smell each bottle, the one you love, pick it up. It will create the right mood for you


forest essentials lemongrass essential oil-1 nyassa


Pretty girls live in Pretty Homes

Pretty girls live in Pretty Homes